Last week, my sister (Amanda) and her family came to visit for 5 days. It was seriously fantastic. Scott was working on a special project at the church, so he was gone all day 4 days last week. It was so nice to have company. I had not seen Amanda in over a year. Seriously, y’all, a YEAR!!!

They showed up on the day the weather decided to go full-on fall. It was so chilly outside. We ended up hanging out in the apartment the first couple of days because it was so cold and windy. With five little kids, we don’t want the risk of sickness! One day, the weather finally got warmer and we hit up one of the local parks. Magically only one kid got a boo-boo. I’d call that a win. Maybe Amanda would disagree since it was her little dude that got the boo-boo.


We set up our kitchen table in the living room, which cut our living space in half, but it was so good to have a table for the little ones to sit at! Β We had enough room to set up the trains and build bridges. This picture shows just how cramped we were. haha! It was so much fun to have them all playing together. Chloe and Addi form the girls-only club and didn’t always include CJ. Thankfully, he is good at entertaining himself also, but we did finally get them all playing the same thing.


We also went out into our back “yard” to play. It is really just a walkway behind all of the apartments. Thankfully, our wild crew has run off all of the neighbors (haha, kidding) so our building of three apartments is empty. They are able to run freely back there without disturbing anyone. Uncle Peter drew a football field “go back” sign to give them a visual of where to stop. It didn’t exactly work since Harper was the one running off, but it looks fun!!

They joined us for church on Sunday, and then headed home. I miss them already. You would think that five days of 8-9 people crammed into one space would make you crazy. After a year of not seeing her smiling face or those sweet boys (Peter included) I was so thankful. My heart is so full. Peter was so sweet and would put the boys down for bed by himself at the hotel so that Amanda could come back and hang out with me. We stayed up talking way past my bed time. Thankfully, it should only be a month until we see them all next time, and I will get to see Amy then also!!

“Sisters are forever and I’m so glad you’re mine.”


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