Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! Do you have anything special planned? We are hoping to find a pumpkin patch tomorrow and maybe go to some local Halloween activities. Local friends, any good suggestions? It is supposed to get up near the 80s again tomorrow. Boo.

I am very intrigued by this fractionated coconut oil for using in roller bottles. I love that it has a pump so that I don’t spill the oil everywhere. Not that I have ever done that..uhh…moving on..

I love Kilee’s blog. Her post titled “It Better Keep Getting Better” was so encouraging to me. It is about her blog growth, but could apply to starting a business and so many other areas of life.

Have you seen this camper remodel? So cute!

I really like this simple color scheme for family photos.

I have to add Chloe’s new glasses to my favorites this week. Good grief, her vision is awful. I can’t see a thing through her glasses, but she definitely can! She looks pretty darn cute, too (post-dance class hair and all).


I can’t forget these two.


Happy weekend!!!


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