Making (and saving) Money at Home


As a SAHM, we are a family on a tight budget. I want to be able to contribute financially. We have three kids- two of which wear glasses. I know that we are facing braces down the road. Financial emergencies always come up. Food gets expensive;  especially with food allergies. So, how can I help? Maybe you are asking yourself the same questions.

Obviously, I have this blog. I am trying to slowly grow and monotenize it through Amazon affiliate links, etc. Do you like to write? There are so many niches that you can write about. It’s a fun community to be a part of and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

I also have an Etsy shop that is VERY small and a work in progress. (My first sale was a custom piece and I was so excited!) Are you crafty? Open up an Etsy shop of your own. Each listing has cost me 20 cents. Some products will have quite a bit of up-front cost, so that is something that you have to consider when going down that path.

Maybe you have no interest in either. That is just fine. One of the biggest ways that I am able to contribute is honestly through Swagbucks. By doing various activities (surveys, special offers, daily polls, etc.) you earn points. You can then redeem those points for gift cards. Our favorites are paypal gift cards (which you can then transfer to your bank account) or Amazon gift cards. I like to save them up and use them to buy birthday and Christmas gifts. It honestly is such a huge blessing when money is tight. Sign up through my link and you will automatically have swagbucks deposited into your account. You can then share your own referral link and earn points from your friends. It may be a little tricky when you first start, so let me know if you have any questions.

ThredUp is a great website to make money on gently used women’s and children’s clothing. You request a clean-out bag, fill it up with your gently used clothes and they do all of the work for you. There is the option to have them donate what they do not accept, or you can request to have it mailed back to you for a fee. You are able buy great brands of gently used clothing from their site. If you sign up with my referral link, you will get $10 to spend on your first purchase.

Along the lines of ThredUp, there are many buy/sell/trade pages on Facebook that are local to where you are (or Craigslist). Everyone has things laying around that they don’t use or need anymore. Take some pictures and list them for sale. This is a fast and easy way to make some extra money and get rid of clutter. It’s a win-win. **Always be safe though.**

Coupons! Ok, so this isn’t MAKING money, but it definitely helps you save money. Some of my favorite websites to help with couponing are Hip 2 Save and Money Saving Mom. Another great one is Freebies 4 Mom. You don’t have to be a mom to use these websites, obviously, they are just mamas trying to help others. Just don’t use coupons because you can save money on a product that you wouldn’t typically purchase. That is just silly. They are also really great at letting you know where to get some good freebies so you can test out products before taking the plunge.

Another fun thing is to do House Parties. You can apply to host parties for some of your favorite brands. If you are selected, you get sent a party pack in the mail. These often contain free samples, coupons, and lots of other fun goodies. You essentially get to have a party with your friends for free. I have done several, and they are always really fun. I will say that you won’t get selected for every party, so don’t get discouraged and give up. Keep trying.


Is there anything that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments!!
Have a great Monday, friends!


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