Terrific Tuesday


This Tuesday hasn’t exactly been terrific. Harper woke up with a fever and has been crying all day. I can’t blame her. I hate having a fever, too. But, she hasn’t let me put her down and I need to pack and clean (17 days until we move!). Anyway, it is nap/quiet time now; time to turn the day around. I can’t stay stuck in this rotten mood, so here are some terrific things:

1. Have you seen the Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life trailer yet?! The mini series premiers in one month! If you know me, you know that I am a super fan of GG. Seriously, I can probably quote every episode and watch it daily. I had serious goosebumps and was on the verge of crying. I am so excited, and so incredibly saddened by the hole left by Edward Herrman. Kirk at Friday Night Dinner also made me laugh so much. “Oh, that I could.”

2. We move in SEVENTEEN days! This is causing great stress in my life. haha! How do you pack to move one mile down the street?! Is it pointless to put things in boxes? But, I am THRILLED about it. We will have a kitchen. A real kitchen with countertops and space to prepare meals for my family. Plus, a DISHWASHER! A fireplace! A yard! Real bedroom doors! A garage! Gosh, it feels like we are moving into a palace.

3. Thanksgiving with family! We haven’t been able to visit family for Thanksgiving since Chloe was a teeny baby. It is disappointing that Scott’s family no longer lives there for us to visit as well, but I am so happy that they love their new home! I’m so anxious to spend some time with family again. Only seeing my mom and dad a few times a year is hard, but it makes the times we do get together so special.

4. Even though Harper has been super fussy, the snuggles are pretty great. 🙂 It won’t be this way forever, and I really do try to embrace things like that. (I just spotted a tiny handprint on the screen of my computer. haha!) I love that she is still mostly a Mama’s girl and wants me to comfort her.

How has your Tuesday been?


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