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Addi is FIVE

I guess I should say that Addison is five. She has been offended any time she is called “Addison” saying that she won’t go by that name until she turns five. haha!


It is so hard to believe that it has been five years since this beautiful baby was born into this world. She was beautiful and had a head full of dark hair. Fast forward five years and she is still beautiful with a ton of long hair that she never wants cut.


She is OBSESSED with My Little Pony and anything else horse related. My mom got this Pinky Pie sweatshirt for her, and I want one in my size! That fluffy hair on the hood is too much!! I just love it.


Most of the time that she was opening presents, the view that I had was Chloe’s head. She wanted to help Addi open everything. Oh my goodness, it was driving me bonkers.

Here are some fun facts about my 5 year old Addi:

Her favorite color is pink.
Her favorite animal is an elephant (though she loves horses also).
She would eat macaroni and cheese or pizza every day, as long as the pizza doesn’t have pepperonis because they hurt her tongue.
She cannot stand having her hair brushed and only wants it in a braid.
She is a rockstar and is always wanting to teach others how to be a rockstar, too.
She sings along to the radio in the car and it melts my heart.
She is the most snuggly child that I have. She always wants to be curled up in my lap or at least touching me.
She hates the sound of hand driers and toilets flushing.
She wants to help cook all the time, and has recently started wanting to help do the dishes.
She frequently talks about missing our house in Michigan, and I am really hoping that she will start to feel at home here soon.
She has such a kind and generous heart. She lets Harper take her giant stuffed animal Marshall to nap every day.
If Addi hurts one of her sisters on accident, we spend more time trying to comfort her than the one who actually got hurt.
She is definitely the one who tries to keep the peace and will give her own things away to make someone else happy.
She will NOT wear any pants with buttons. She says those are big-kid pants and for Chloe, so you will always see her in leggings or a skirt.
She says that she is going to live with us forever.

Oh, my sweet Addi, I hope that your kind heart never changes. You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives with your silly personality. I hope that five is the best year yet!!
I am editing to add that Addi just got a present from her very best friend Mr. Jeff!! He is her friend (and ours) from Michigan.there are 30 or so buffalo statues all over our town. She loves to pose with them and send the pictures to her very best friend. A huge thank you to Mr. Jeff for thinking of her! 


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