Post-Halloween Recovery

How is everyone’s post-Halloween “hangover” going? Yesterday was R-O-U-G-H. Thankfully, today is going much better and everyone (myself included) is much more pleasant! I am drinking coffee and surprisingly not stuffing my face with Halloween candy!

Halloween was SO much fun. We have NEVER taken any child out trick-or-treating before. Can you believe that? Chloe was only a couple of month’s old when she had her first Halloween, so we opted to stay home and hand out candy. I was so excited to hand out candy (since that was also a first in our new home) and we had two, maybe three, kids come. I was so bummed. Anyway, all of the years following, we did a trunk-or-treat at church. Scott worked the whole evening, and I was not about to take them out alone in that town. haha! Needless to say, I was completely psyched about taking the girls out to do something that is such a fond childhood memory for me.

Am I the only mom who feels like the hour or so leading up to going out is madness?! Truly, I have great respect for my mom. It was pure chaos trying to find the pieces to everyone’s costumes. Addison changed her mind for the 8734983795873587th time and wanted to wear her Pinky Pie hoodie as a costume. Once we were out though, it was bliss. The weather was perfectly warm– NO JACKETS EVEN! I loved watching them go up to the door and say trick-or-treat. Harper kept walking INTO peoples’ houses, which was hilarious and embarrassing. haha! Everyone loved her glasses and was giving her extra candy because of them.

One house had some scarier decorations out; including a zombie with flashing eyes that was stuck in the ground. Harper was so busy watching another one of the decorations that she almost walked right into it. She turned just in time to be face-to-face with it and she darted away so fast. She didn’t cry though, but she was not about to take her eyes off of it.

When the girls had sufficiently stuffed their bags half-full, we headed home. I told the girls that we were going to turn our light on and hand out candy if anyone came. They were very disappointed that they didn’t get to give anyone candy, so we are going to let them give candy to our teenagers tonight.


We start moving into the house in 9 days, and I have approximately 10 boxes packed. We’re doing well.. or something.. Shortly after we move, we will be traveling to see family. It is going to be pure chaos this month.

HOWEVER, once things settle down, it is time to decorate for Christmas!!!!!!!!  I got a peppermint mocha yesterday and played Christmas music today. It’s so weird saying that Christmas is next month when it’s 80 degrees outside!

Happy Hump Day! May you blissfully slide into the weekend and not tumble. 😉


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