Volee Weekend

Welcome to Monday, friends! It is a cool and drizzly day in our neck of the woods. It makes me want to snuggle up in bed.

This was a pretty busy weekend. We spent a lot of time packing boxes and at the new house priming and painting the big girls’ room and baseboards. It is so surreal to stand in that house and know that soon we will be making it cozy and ours. It truly is a dream come true.

Sunday was a special day at our Church. We had our first ever Volees banquet. This was a special evening to dress up and recognize the volunteers of our church. We have so many incredible volunteers that make things function well; from children’s ministry to cleaning the building. I never hear anyone complain about “having” to help. We even had volunteers show up early wanting to help!! (The night was all about them, so we didn’t let them help! haha!) I feel so blessed to serve alongside of the people of CCC. I also feel incredibly unworthy of this blessing.

Our pastor brought in some entertainment for the evening– Paul May. Paul May is the founder of Clear Vision Drama Company. I am a huge fan of his, as CV was the drama at almost every camp that I ever went to as a teenager. I was able to sit next to him at dinner and Scott and I were able to be a part of one of his skit (I wore a chicken hat and bocked “Ice, Ice baby”). Teenage me was geeking out and completely fan-girling. If you ever need some entertainment at an event, he is your guy!

dress / shoes (sold out)

I tweaked my knee somehow over the weekend, and being on my feet working for several days straight have caused it to give me some grief. I don’t have time for it to hurt, so that knee needs to get over itself. Our living room is slowly being taken over by boxes. We are hoping to take a load over on Tuesday to get a head start on everything. I am able to go and unload boxes as I please, which is a huge bonus to moving in after friends move out.

Our new home has a red brick fireplace that goes all the way to the ceiling. It is beautiful, but there isn’t a mantle. We are wanting to see if our landlord would allow us to build on. He is a pretty easy going guy, so we may get to. If not, it is not the end of the world. I like a rustic floating mantle like this one. What do you think? Here is a really terrible quality photo of our fireplace and boxes for reference.


I hope that everyone has a fantastic week ahead of them! And, if you need some holiday Starbucks in your life, they have buy one get one free holiday drinks from the 10-14 of this month!


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