Friday Favorites

Happy Friday (night), friends!!! I hope that you are feeling as Fri-YAY as I am!! It has been a week here. It has been a week of immense blessings and some deep sadness. I’m exhausted in every sense of the word, but am going to share some of my favorite things!


Look at that hair cut! Addison has been saying for over a month that she wants her hair cut. I waited because I wanted to make sure she really meant it. Today, I finally took her. She had a COMPLETE meltdown because she was afraid, and it took me close to 20 minutes to get her calm and cooperative. I completely threw the “lets donate it” out the window because my mind was shot. She wanted her hair cut, so please don’t think that I was forcing it on her. She was just very afraid of the unknown. The ladies (yes, plural) were so sweet and helped her feel comfortable once she finally sat in the chair. She even got a “mermaid” braid put in. She LOVES her braid and her haircut. She also loved the mac and cheese that we went for after. 🙂


Watch ya’ Mouth I am pretty sure that most people have seen videos of this game. I laugh so hard every time that I see them. I had braces for 2 1/2 years… maintainers before that and retainers after. Mouth spreaders and I are BFFs. Not really.. but I can still remember the day I went to get my braces on. My mom was sitting in a chair at my feet (seriously, why would they put her chair there) and she was laughing SO hard at me sitting there with my mouth wide open. I almost shot the thing straight out of my mouth because I was laughing too. Anyway, I pieced together this and this since the game itself isn’t currently available. (You also need a 60 second timer) My family better be prepared to play and cry from laughter!



We have a back yard. The yard is L-shaped, so there is a lot of space on the other side of the house there and more behind me. It needs some love, but I am obsessed. It is so nice to take the girls outside and know that they can’t run right into the street or have some stranger come waltzing through. We will be putting our swing set up soon.


These cough drops are amazing. I know that they are a bit pricey, but they actually WORK and are made with REAL ingredients. Have you looked at the ingredients in the cough drops that you use? No thanks..


The benefits of collagen. I have been reading up on this and it sounds like it could help a lot of my health problems. Plus, it is supposed to be super good for your skin. I have had acne since third grade (yeah, seriously..) and it is still terrible. HELLO! I am almost 30. I went through puberty a long time ago.. Anyway, I am wanting to buy this, but that price tag gets me. I’m sure it would last for quite a while. Maybe I should start with these and see how it works.


What are some things that you have been loving this week? I pray that you have a wonderful weekend. Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I will be spending the week with family and taking a blog break. 🙂


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