Friday Favorites

Here is another family photo by Meredith Michelle Photography for your viewing pleasure. So good!!


I love this hat. However, if I were going to spend $40 on a hat, I would hit up Love Your Melon and do some good. (I have a stocking hat and two baseball hats. They are good.) And, seriously, do some good. I love their mission. I love that it was started by two college guys. SO much love.

I thoroughly enjoy Jessica Garvin’s tour of her little girls’ room. It’s so cute and whimsical– and FESTIVE!

This Healthy Human tumbler is AMAZING. I have been trying to do away with plastics this year. I sold my plastic travel cups and have been looking at this one for a while. The price dropped dramatically and I snatched it up. I am so glad that I did. It’s the perfect size for a cupholder. It has this texture on the outside so that it won’t slip out of your hand if the outside is wet. Maybe I am too clumsy. I had ice water last night. The ice was still in there this morning (and I went to bed at 6!). I love that it can be used for hot or cold/ with or without a straw/lid. Seriously, go buy one and you won’t regret it.

This book looks like a good one to cozy up with and browse through.

Anyone want to buy this sweater for me? Anyone? Anyone..

No? Okay..


We are decking the halls tonight since the girls are mostly better. One of them is still having some issues and fevers are lingering, but it’s much better than before.

I hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend!




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