Making: It’s taco tuesday! Does anyone not eat tacos on Tuesday? I hate homemade tacos because they made me sick during all 4 pregnancies. I make them for my family, but I tend to skip dinner on Tuesdays or eat something else. I LOVE Mexican food though.

Drinking: Have you tried Kombucha? I’ve been trying to drink it because my gut could use some help. It’s not the greatest. I may try this from Amazon. I’ve tried Health Aid because it’s what I hear is the best. Pomegranate wasn’t my favorite.

Reading: We have been reading this as a family. This is also really wonderful.

Wanting: These earrings. They are such a pretty color!!

Looking Forward To: I can’t wait for our Christmas Eve service at church.

Listening: Hipster Holiday on Pandora. I’m obsessed!!

Playing: Clean up. The girls (and I) have a friend coming over and we are in cleaning mode.

Wishing: That we had a rake! We have two huge trees in our front yard and the leaves are out of control. We could seriously make a leaf mountain  to dive into and may even lose a child in the process. It’s crazy!!

Loving: The whole Christmas season. This is the first year in a while that I have been excited for Christmas.

Watching: ELF. I laugh so hard through that movie!! Scott and I also watched Home Alone after the girls went to bed the other night. It’s so funny!

We are just twelve days from Christmas!! Can you believe it?!


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