Cookie Time

As you can see, my girls LOVE making cookies. Really, they love to help with anything in the kitchen. Chloe says that she wants to be a “baker” when she grows up, so I have been really trying to tie cooking into our homeschooling. I try to give them as many opportunities to help in the kitchen as possible. I think that learning to cook is important for everyone because it is such a dying art. Though, we had a teenager make homemade chips and salsa for our Christmas party!

I am taking a course online called Child Nutrition and Cooking, and it has really opened my eyes to how much we have outsourced cooking for our families. I’ve always loved cooking, but I am guilty of taking advantage of the convenience too often. (It’s a free course if you want to sign up for it!)

Anyway, we are making our classic Sugar Cookie recipe. The dough is super sticky and wet, so we made it and put it in the fridge to firm up. Pictures of the rolling and cutting out process always depend on how frustrated I get! haha!

My mom always used to tell me that the best chefs were the messiest chefs. I told my girls the same thing and they said that we must be really good chefs.

Everyone got in on the helping. It’s really tough to hold a babe and take a picture of them at the same time! haha!! But, I couldn’t leave Harper out!

One of my favorite parts about these sugar cookies is that I can give the girls some of the dough and not worry about them getting sick. Plus, I think it’s amazing that it has been passed down at least 5 generations. I remember making these cookies with my mom. My recipe is written by her, and I need to laminate it so that it won’t get ruined.


Christmas always makes me really nostalgic. My mom made every holiday so magical and fun; filling it with experiences that I will never forget. I want my girls to have those same memories. I try to not get caught up in the RUSH of the holiday season. Why do we ruin it? Yes, in ministry this time of year does get pretty busy. But, we need to slow down and savor it. If we rush through, we miss celebrating our savior’s birth. We miss this precious time with loved ones. We miss so much. Slow down and take it all in. Enjoy the wrapping paper messes. Enjoy your messy kitchen. It flies by so quickly and is gone in the blink of an eye.


**Update: Pictures of the rolling/cutout process definitely did NOT happen. HAHA!!**


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