Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! More like FriYAY! I love Fridays. It is the only day of the week that we typically don’t have anything that we have to do. Every female in our house is fighting off some sinus junk right now, so a relaxing and lazy day at home is perfect. Please pray that we don’t get any worse. Chloe’s first dance recital is tomorrow, and I’m a backstage mom. We can’t have any illness!


This house is going to top my list. Can I just move in with them? It’s so beautiful!!!

This picture showed up in my memories today. Daisy with baby Chloe was just so cute!

This Vegan broccoli soup is so delicious. I typically am not a fan of just broccoli soup, but this is so creamy that you don’t  miss the cheddar part.

To go along with our sinus junk, I want to share how amazing this product is!! Vicks is not good for you, and I also have never felt that it actually helped at all. Plus, you had to SLATHER it on your feet (that was everyones recommendation). A little of this goes a long way, and has actually helped tremendously. ‘Tis the season.

I’ve talked about my love of Mama &  Little before. I wanted to share that I have seen on Amazon that many of their necklaces are seriously discounted. I LOVE these for teething babes!! Harper is mostly done teething, and I still reach for these because I know they can withstand toddler torture. haha!

This looks yummy.

Have you watched Reindeer Cam? I’m obsessed with watching the reindeer!! When Santa comes out in the morning, he tells facts about reindeer. I’m fascinated more than the girls!

Have a happy weekend! I hope that everyone stays nice and warm.



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