Christmas Re-Cap

Merry late Christmas!! My photo dump is coming a few days late. 🙂


We had my dad in town the past couple of days!!! He stopped in on his way to visit his brother, and it was so nice to spend time with him.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We only had a few gifts left to wrap on Christmas Eve, so I felt like we were winning!!! Here are some Christmas Day pictures. Most all are blurry because the girls were SO excited about their gifts.


We got them a tool bench (similar) as their big gift to share. They have always loved helping Scott with any projects around the house, so this was perfect for them. They can pretend to drill and saw things, hammer nails, and put screws in.

I love Christmas morning with children. Seeing their eyes light up when they see their presents all stuffed around the tree is awesome. I love seeing a messy living room on Christmas. There was wrapping paper and bows everywhere!!

Scott’s mom and dad mailed all of their Christmas presents to us, so the girls had a second round of gifts to open. We Skyped with them while they tore in. It was so funny. I didn’t really get many pictures because we were chatting and sometimes its fun to just sit back and watch without trying to capture every moment on film.


I made Vegan and Gluten Free cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and they didn’t turn out very well. If you have a tried and true recipe, send it my way please! I think we really need a do-over on the cinnamon rolls. When you are looking forward to fluffy and delicious cinnamon rolls, and get.. well, gross.. it’s a huge letdown!

Our house has been loud and chaotic ever since Christmas. There are new toys all around, and lots of fun being had. It’s the best!

How was your Christmas? Hopefully it was relaxing and filled with memories!



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