Passing the baton to 2017

Two-thousand sixteen. What. A. Year.


January: We started the new year with a completely unclear and hazy future.  Would we be serving in full-time ministry? Where would we live? Would we have any income? Scott’s brother did visit us from Korea, so that was a huge upside!!!  We visited Oklahoma, and God called us here. January 31st, we pulled out of our driveway in Michigan and headed into the unknown.


February: I believe we started February on the road in Indiana. We continued our sort of cross-country trek and landed in Oklahoma. We stuffed a million boxes inside of a small apartment. Everyone came down with the stomach flu and passed it around for weeks. Then, Harper spiked a nearly 105 degree fever and ended up having roseola. I’m not sure if I even made it to church in February because everyone was so sick.


March: EASTER! My parents came to visit us in our new home. We hunted Easter eggs, had an awesome Easter service at church, and enjoyed having company and warm weather.



April: Our trusty white van was minding it’s own business when some idiot drunk driver smashed into it and took off. We got a new car payment to go along with our new van. 😛 This was also the month that we found out that Harper wasn’t hearing and needed to have her eyes checked to go along with her need of speech therapy. We also found out that Addison needed to have a mole removed to be safe. By this point, I was so ready to quit and hide under the covers forever and ever.



May: We started exploring the area more. We went on many long walks at many parks and enjoyed seeing our town. Then came surgery time. Harper had tubes put in her ears and Addison had a mole removed that we later found out was pre-cancerous. I know that these surgeries are done every day, but to my mama heart it was the longest and most awful day ever. We went to the zoo, where Harper threw her glasses and they were never found again. haha!


June: We loaded up and traveled to see our families in Illinois. We got to ride horses, visit lots and lots of family, and go to the zoo. We also had a church fishing activity where the girls got to fish for the very first time! They each caught a fish thanks to our Pastor’s wife!


July: This was youth camp month! The teens had one last fundraiser. We signed Chloe up for dance classes. Harper turned two years old. Waaaah! Scott left for camp and Harper decided to get sick. We were stuck at home for FIVE days while daddy was gone. It was torture. But, the teens had an awesome camp week, and Scott enjoyed getting to know them better.


August: Chloe turned SIX and started first grade. We drove out to a ranch to visit some new friends, and also made another trip to the zoo. There were many more park days and so much heat!! Oklahoma is hot and humid in the summer. Did you know that? Scott and I also went on our first date since moving!! It was wonderful.


September: Still hot. Really, really hot. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING also showed up. We did a lot of park-going. We finally hit up the local farmer’s market. Chloe started her new dance class, and the rest of us walked around the downtown area to explore.



October: My favorite month!!! Enter Chloe’s new glasses! What on earth? I’m not sure why 2/3 girls have such terrible vision, but at least we have it taken care of! Addi turned FIVE this month and lost her first tooth. We had visits from Scott’s mom and dad and my sister and her family! It was a jam-packed month full of blessings!


img_4498Photo by Meredith Michelle Photography

November: We had our volunteer banquet at church, a parent observation day for Chloe’s dance class, and a trip to Illinois to see my family. Oh yeah! We also received a huge blessing of being able to move out of our small apartment into a home!!! We visited a reindeer ranch, spent thanksgiving with all of my family, had family pictures taken, and learned that traveling with a sick kid is zero fun! Scott stopped on our long trip home so that I could see my grandparents. It was so good to hug them and tell them how much I love them.



December: Peppermint flavored everything! This month has been full of house projects and decorating. We went to two different Christmas parades because, why not? Chloe had her dance recital and did an amazing job. We spent a lot of time looking at Christmas lights and soaking in the season. We had a surprise visit from my dad, and may get another as he travels back through.

Now, here we are with just days left of this year. A year that, quite frankly, I am looking forward to saying good-bye to. It has been a rough and completely draining year. There have certainly been high points and many blessings. Just knowing that Harper went from not hearing or saying a single word (she heard muffled sounds and that’s it) to hearing and saying well over fifty words. It’s incredible. God has faithfully provided for us through each and every struggle that we have faced. Those struggles have still left us weary and in some cases hurting.

I always pray over a word for the new year. I don’t set resolutions, though I will be once again giving up gluten and diary… only this time for good. I had slacked off this year because of the insanity of it all, but I feel it. God hasn’t revealed a word to me yet, but as soon as I know I will be sharing it. 🙂 The word of this year was trust. I knew that it would apply to the need to trust God through the uncertainties of Scott’s job. I had no idea that we would face SO much this year or just how much I would need to trust God’s plan. I’m still clinging to that word through these last few days.

2017 is a clean slate. Anything can happen. That is both scary and exciting!! I am going to TRUST that it will bring more goodness and show the faithfulness of God even more.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2017? Do you have any goals? Do you have a word?


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