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Happy 2017!!

I don’t have any fun New Year’s pictures to share. I took an Ambien and was in bed by 9. Party animal. Scott did wake me up for our traditional smooch after midnight, but I was out again right away.

Sunday, we woke up to head to our pancake breakfast at church. When we arrived at the church, the colors of the sunrise were still present. It was so beautiful. The pond was smooth and at rest. The reflection was amazing. It was really breath taking. It was such a reminder to slow down and praise the Lord for all that He does.

I have been asking God to reveal my “theme” word to me for this new year. I was starting to wonder if I would ever figure it out. Finally..


Maybe that sounds strange. Do you ever just coast through your days? You are there, but not really there. Not fully enjoying the small moments, or even the big ones. So often, I am just waiting until the next thing and missing out on so much. I want to live life fully awake! There are so many wonderful things in this life if we just look around and see them.

My husband deserves a wife who is living life fully awake. My children deserve a mother who is 100% committed and there. The last couple of years have truly taken a toll on me- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through many trials and more diagnosis’ than I can count, I feel like I have “checked out” in a lot of ways. I am just trying to make it through until bed time most days.

I refuse to live life that way anymore.

There are so many blessings in life. My kids are healthy and happy. I have an incredible husband who is so far above anything that I deserve. God loves me in spite of who I am. He has provided above what we could imagine or deserve.

Aside from having the theme of “awake” this year, I will be making some lifestyle changes. I realize that there are people with SIGNIFICANTLY worse ailments than I have, so please do not think that I throw a pity party for myself or am trying to be ultra dramatic. I know it could be so much worse. However, my health issues have caused me to feel completely depleted of all energy. The past several days that Scott has had off, I have literally spent over 12 hours in bed each night and still get up feeling terrible. I know that my crummy diet has contributed significantly to that.

I will be giving up gluten and dairy for good. A lifestyle change, NOT a diet. I know that being GF is trendy (Why? I have no idea!!) but I know that cutting gluten out of my diet is absolutely necessary for me. I am thinking about giving up coffee for a month to see if I feel any different. (Bring on the Matcha Lattes)

In summary (snort) I will be living 2017 fully awake potentially without coffee. HAHA!!

Do you have any resolutions or goals this year? Or, do you have a theme that you are going to live by?  I would love to pray with and for you to attain your goals!




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