Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Here’s a picture of my sweet Harper sitting on the stops of the bleachers while watching one of our teens play basketball. I guess she is a fan. I just can’t handle how cute she is. I’m just rounding up some of my favorite things today.

  1. This Milk Frother. I used some of my Swagbucks gift card to buy this bad boy for myself. I LOVE lattes. I can’t drink coffee without some sort of creaminess to it. It has been frothing up warm almond milk like a champ. I am fascinated by it, and they taste so darn good. (Also, if you sign up to Swagbucks through this link right now, you can automatically get a $5 gift card!)
  2. I love Abby’s blog. She wrote this post and it nearly brought me to tears. I’ve always admired her because she has twin toddlers to go along with her other children and always has a smile on her face and is HILARIOUS. To know that I am not alone in feeling like 2016 beat the life out of me brought me some comfort. Not that I ever want anyone to suffer.. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Dogs. I have been SEARCHING for an allergen friendly dog for MONTHS. (Chloe has a mild allergy.) Seriously. Months. My top three picks have been a maltese, schnauzer, and labradoodle. The size difference there cracks me up. Doodles are so insanely expensive. So far every dog that I have found that we could afford has fallen through. Pray with me that the right pup comes our way. ❤ Yes, I know that is silly, but there it is.
  4. This diffuser. No, I’m not selling any oils. It is cold and flu season. I’ve been diffusing Armor (from Melaleuca) every day. My house smells amazing! I bought this diffuser a year ago, and it is still going strong. I also have this one that I like a lot, but it seems to have been lost in our move.
  5. Look who bought the Full House house! I love Full House. I am not a fan of Fuller House. I know they are appealing to us as adults now, but I am not a fan of vulgarity and I felt like it was SO overly cheesy. I am going to watch season 2 and see if it got better. I think the remakes of all of our favorite childhood/teenaged shows are ruining them for me. I’m such a party pooper.
  6. I am a planner addict. I start to get really anxious if it is nearing the end of my planner’s life. I need one in advance. I do have ophthalmologist, ENT, dermatologist, and speech appointments on top of the dentist and pediatrician appointments. So, I have a lot to keep track of. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I have been seeing a lot about bullet journaling, and it looks really fun. Maybe when my planner is done in June I will pick this up.

It is a pretty cold weekend here in Oklahoma. I’m feeling completely stir crazy and desperately want to get out of the house.. Do you have anything fun planned for the first weekend of the year?


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