What day of the week is it?

Goodness! I am so confused this week. We had some company yesterday. Scott took the day off because:

His brothers were all in town. Having him home for a random day has thrown me off and I’m all sorts of confused. It feels like a Monday all over again. Ew.

Chloe had dance, and I was so proud of her. Her uncles wanted to see her dance, so I turned on her recital song and she performed for them all by herself. She is so shy and unsure of herself. I have LOVED watching her blossom through dance.

Speaking of Chloe, I captured this moment last night.

She was reading a book to Harper. My heart melts into puddles when I catch moments like this. Most days I feel completely overwhelmed and question my sanity. Then, this. How lucky am I to get to witness the good moments of sisterhood. I have so many friends who have lost babies. Who can’t have any babies. Who have had multiple miscarriages. There has been a lot of heartache lately when it comes to babies, and I am reminded of how blessed that I am in the chaos. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. (I would say yes to a night in a hotel by myself though…)

Yesterday was bittersweet. The first vehicle that Scott and I bought together was towed away. It broke down the week that we moved into this house. It made one click sound when the key was turned and that was it. That poor van has been through a lot. I had tears in my eyes as I watched it get loaded up and pulled away. I brought two babies home in that van.. I drove that van from Michigan to Oklahoma with three little girls in the back. The big girls were fascinated by watching the guy hook it up to tow it away.


We are bracing ourselves for an ice storm this weekend. Ten years ago was the huge ice storm that knocked the power out at our college for WEEKS. I am a little nervous about how we will make things work if we lose power, but hoping that we don’t get too much.

How is your week going? Are you thankful that we are halfway to the weekend?! We can do this!



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