A Bowl of Soup

Can I just say that I am married to the greatest man alive? Truly.

I have been really struggling the past week. My mom has been in the hospital since early Thursday morning. She is ok, but it kills me to not be able to help out in some way. I know I’m not a doctor and can’t fix her. I do know how to cook though, and I would love to be making freezer meals or doing the laundry. SOMETHING; even if it were just to hug her. I just want to be there.

Anyway, between that and being stuck inside from the “ice” storm (thankfully it was just a lot of rain with some freezing) I was feeling pretty crazy. Scott came home from work yesterday and told me to go get dinner alone and do something.

I used to think that eating alone was weird. It turns out that it’s actually really wonderful. No one was trying to steal my food. I didn’t have to get up and fetch more napkins, more juice/water/milk, or deal with anyone fighting. My soup was HOT the whole time that I ate it. Mama bear’s porridge was not cold.

I took a book to read, but ended up with a family sitting right next to me. Their daughter was standing up in the booth facing me and chomping on her potato chips. If you know me, you know I CANNOT handle hearing people eat. So, I finished eating and went to the grocery store. Obviously.

Yes, that is a gluten-filled bread bowl, and I felt it later. Oops.

Scott told me not to come home because the girls weren’t in bed yet. He wanted me to not have to deal with bed time. I drove by the library, but it was closed. So, I did the next best thing. Hobby Lobby, where I found this wonderful piece of art.

I have a thing about gnomes. And Elvis. I think gnomes are great. I do not feel the same way about Elvis. Not that I have anything against him, I just was scarred for life from a lot of Elvis impersonator concerts. haha!

Anyway, it was really wonderful to get out alone and do something. I am so thankful for an understanding husband. He gets me. He puts up with my 50 shades of C-R-A-Y. He loves me in spite of the fact that I have been on the verge of an emotional breakdown. He lets me cry on his shoulder when I am frustrated. He watches goofy chick flicks with me. He believes in me. He is rooting for me.

I just really love him.

Who knew that a warm bowl of soup could turn someones day around?


Have you ever gone out for a meal by yourself? Did you feel uncomfortable at first? If you ever get the chance to, you should go. 


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