Weekend for the Books

Most of our weekends have been consumed with busyness lately. We are rushing to complete projects around the house and finish unpacking. Why does it take SO long to set up your new home?! The weather had been turning colder  on the weekends, and last weekend was our “ice storm”. It was really just a ton of COLD rain that occasionally froze. Either way, we spent it inside. Not this weekend!! Hallelujah!

Our weekend is more Friday-Saturday than the typical Sat/Sun that most have. Friday, Addison had an eye appointment. I figured that since her sisters’ vision was so bad, I should have hers checked. Guess what?! She needs glasses, too. All three of my girls have really bad astigmatisms in both eyes. The doctor is confident that the farsightedness will get better with time, but an astigmatism is unpredictable. Anyway, she had so much fun trying on her glasses, and like her sisters, she didn’t understand why she couldn’t take them home with her that day. 😉

I never steer them towards any style or color of glasses. I let them pick what they like the most.  I did choose Harper’s color because she was too young to pick. If she needs new ones in a couple months, I will see if she can pick.


On Saturday, we all rode up to the church while Scott did his thing. We had some errands to run, and spent some time all together. Then, we decided to go for a walk. It started drizzling on us, but we kept going because the fresh air felt so good. We even got to see a pretty rainbow!! (Don’t worry, we stopped by the house and got Addi’s hat, etc. once we started getting wet.) We are so close to a huge park in our area; walking distance close! I am thrilled and so are the girls!!

Sunday morning was church time. We had a great service, and even had a friend of ours surprise us by showing up to our second service!! It was really nice to get to talk to him and get to know his beautiful wife even better. We love that family, and they love us. Mostly, they love our sweet little girls.


We loaded up the wagon again and let Chloe ride her scooter to go for another walk that evening. We have a huge path that runs all over town here. One of the entrances is SUPER close to our house. We walked some of it; some because it is 9 miles long. Chloe had so much fun riding her scooter and I had “so much fun” trying to not run into her every time she stopped. ha! It had rained for 12+ hours Saturday night into Sunday morning, so the water was much higher than usual. It was really pretty and peaceful.img_5594

When we got back home, Scott and I started working on some yard work while the girls played.

I cannot say enough what a blessing this house is. Not only do we have space, but we have a safe yard for the kids to play in. We have a safe neighborhood to walk in. We have a beautiful path to walk and parks to play in.

This whole week is supposed to be pretty warm and sunny. I love the weather here! I am so thankful to no longer live in a place where the air hurts my face. haha!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead! Can you believe that February is next week?!?! Where is time going?




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