From Where I’m Sitting

Oh my word. I don’t know what I did in my sleep, but I have really tweaked my neck. I can’t turn my head to the right without intense pain. It’s really great because Chloe’s school desk is to my right. Does anyone have any tips for getting something like this worked out? I’ve already applied heat. I was hoping that it would work itself out once I got moving more for the day. Nope.

Moving on.. Here comes a random assortment of thoughts.

In Oklahoma, there is this bracelet company called Rustic Cuff. I see the bracelets everywhere. Every female talks about them. They have just about every bracelet that you could imagine. (I have also heard that the RC thing is that if someone says they love your bracelet, you are supposed to give it to them and buy another?)

On Sunday, a sweet friend of mine told me to go away when I was standing with my husband. haha! I had no idea why, but I went away and didn’t really think about it again. Ministry is weird sometimes, so I don’t think much about a lot of random things. After church, I started stuffing things back in my purse, and I saw this pretty turquoise bag inside. I showed it to Scott and asked him if someone was trying to frame me for stealing.  He said yes, but had his usual ornery smile that told me he was kidding. I opened it and saw this cuff inside. It says “God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all of your disappointments”.

This is why my friend told me to go away. It is beautiful. The timing was perfect; more perfect than she even know. I feel like a true Okie lady now, too. 😉

I have started reading this book, and really love it so far. I also really want to read this one, which was recommended to me by a CC mom. There is a parent workbook that you can buy to go along with it. I prefer buying books like these because I really like to highlight and make notes. I also like to re-read them. For the sake of budget, I’ll be looking for the second book at the library. Do you have any good book recs?

We are gearing up for an overnight activity. I pull all-nighters at home often enough to know that I can power through the next day well. I’m a little nervous for staying up all night with teenagers while bowling, ice skating, jumping on trampolines, etc. and still caring for three energetic children the next day. We are going to have to get out of the house for fresh air to wake us up or something. I am so excited to actually get to go to this event!!! It’s been a while since I got to do something like this.

My friend, Hannah, asked me if I was losing weight yesterday. It took everything I had to not give her the biggest hug ever. haha! I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, so all I said was I hope so. Turns out, I’ve lost 3 pounds, so thats cool… Just 23 or more to go. haha! 3 weeks into the new year and 3 pounds down. That is a healthy rate to lose weight, so I really am happy about it.

Can I also say how amazing the way God works is? Hannah and I met at a playground last summer. I had met a friend from church for a playdate. She had to head home, and I stuck around because Chloe had found a friend. Turns out, this friend is the same age and is also homeschooled…and her daddy is a pastor. Through all of this, a wonderful friendship has developed, and I am so incredibly thankful. It was what I had been praying for, and so had she.

I think that may be enough random thoughts for Wednesday. I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. And neck pain. So seriously help a sister out if you have any advice.

One more thing- this is the stroller that we have and LOVE. It is on sale for a REALLY great price. So, if you are looking for a nice stroller, snatch one up. The basket underneath is small though, so if that is a deal breaker for you I would pass on this one.





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