Ready for Spring

I’m feeling pretty ready for spring here. Not that we have had an awful winter. It’s been GREAT. I’m just ready for green and growth instead of brown. I’m also ready to go hiking again. Thankfully, my awesome husband brought home some sunny yellow tulips that are brightening up my work space.


I love tulips in any color. They just radiate happiness. I think the world could use a whole lot more happiness now. Go buy yourself some flowers.

I feel really blessed. Our family has managed to avoid any of the winter illnesses up until now. People in our church have been out a ton with the flu/stomach bug/other viruses and I have been diffusing my oils like crazy (I really like Eden’s Garden brand, but have used Melaleuca and like it as well). I just recently bought a bigger diffuser for our family room and put the other in our bedroom. I love both, one just holds more water and lasts longer.

When we were getting the girls ready for bed last night, Harper’s nose started running and she coughed like a seal. Literally out of nowhere. She had been fine all day. I said “she’s going to end up with croup”. She didn’t cough much more and we put them  to bed. After midnight, she suddenly woke up. I could tell she was trying to cry, but it sounded like a bark. Then there would be more barking. I ran in as fast as I could and picked her up. She was struggling to breathe so I ran outside in the 25 degree weather in what I wore to bed. (Of course some random dude was walking down the street and said how bad she sounded. Thank you, captain obvious..and sorry that you are seeing me like this.) I told Scott we needed to call an ambulance (yes, she sounded THAT bad). We don’t live very far from the hospital, so he put her in the car and took her since he was able to get dressed while I was outside with her.

He got her there and they did chest x-rays and gave her a breathing treatment right away. Sure enough, it was croup. He could see where her trachea was narrowed even. She is doing much better today- still raspy and bark coughing, but breathing. We have dealt with croup a few times before. It always scares me. If your child has ever had it, you know why. But, I was honestly terrified and cried when Scott left with her. I’ve never heard any of my babies fighting to breathe. I know there are moms who deal with that every day. You are incredible.

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to spring when we can get away from this illness season. I am extremely grateful that we live in a state where it has only snowed once. The weather has been great. We go out without coats most of the time. But, I’m still ready for spring. I don’t know how I survived 7 years in Michigan.

Are you itching for spring? How has the weather been where you are?


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