Valentine’s for Her

Happy February!!

I really love this month. I love the pink and red hearts that flood the aisles of every store. I love celebrating how much I love the people around me in an extra special way.

I know a lot of people feel that Valentine’s Day is just a silly holiday with no point, but I really enjoy it. I thought it would be fun to round up some fun ideas for gifts. I’m starting with “her”. Husbands/Boyfriends/Galentine’s- here are some fun and useful gifts for the  lady in your life.

And, Scott, if you are reading this, my favorite gift is the homemade card that the stupid mouse ate while it was in storage. 😉


  1. Confetti Phone Case–  This is a super cute case! Though, I would probably get distracted playing with it.
  2. Love Potion Tumbler– This is so stinking cute! You can also get a thermal version or a regular coffee mug.  This one is super cute as well.
  3. Chill Out cooler bag– We pack a lot of meals for our family. Picnics are super fun, and made even better when you have an awesome cooler bag! (Check out this watermelon  or rainbow one!)
  4. Complimentary pencils–  Who wouldn’t want to use a pencil that says “You are fresher than lemonade”?!
  5. Happy Heart dish– This would be great for setting earrings, rings, and other small items on.
  6. Complimentary Cards–  How fun would it be to hand out these nice cards to brighten someones day? You don’t even have to say a word.
  7. Floral Notebook– I love notebooks and planners. This one is so pretty.


Do you really enjoy Valentine’s Day, or do you just feel over it all?



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