Valentine’s for Him


I never know what to buy Scott for Valentine’s Day. I usually get his favorite chocolate and cook his favorite meal at home. We never really went out for the holiday even before having kids.

 Silicone Wedding Band– these seem to be a man-favorite. If you work a job where you can’t wear a typical metal wedding band, these are great. Scott has one that he wears when necessary, and really likes it.

Best Husband mug– Personalized mugs are so fun!

Earbud holder– Ladies, you know how tangled your earbuds get in your purse. Imagine them being in your pocket all day while you walk around. Yikes.

Domino Cube– These brain teasers are always a favorite; sometimes a favorite to hate. Either way, they work well on a desk to help give your man’s brain a little break at work.

Chocolate– I think it’s a myth that women like chocolate more than men; at least in our relationship. If your man doesn’t like chocolate- insert favorite dessert or candy here.

Bacon Bandaids– ok, I’m really stretching here. They are pretty funny though.


Man, that was hard. Do you have anything better? Help me out!!


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