Growing our Family

..by four paws..  Hey, it could have been so much worse.. Like puppy paws with all of our feet or something..


This sweet boy was brought home from the shelter today. We are technically fostering him right now, but I am feeling 100% sure that we will finalize his adoption on Tuesday after he gets neutered. Our SPCA does a Foster2Adopt program, and that is what he is currently in.

He is so sweet and playful. He is 3 1/2 months old, so all puppy. We’ve been down the puppy road before, so we know the drill. Thankfully, he sleep SO much better than our first pup did. She was fresh from her Mama and would cry all night. Nothing soothed her. This guy was in the shelter, in a foster home, and brought back to the shelter. He was just happy to have a comfy bed to sleep on.


The girls are absolutely smitten with him. They want to help feed him and give him water. I love seeing it.


Harper is the only one who will sit still long enough for me to take a picture.

His name was Rascal at the shelter, but we didn’t really want to keep it that way. Harper and I have been sick, so we missed church last night. Once Scott came home from youth group, we talked names. We ultimately decided on Rocci (pronounced Rocky). Rocci was his grandmother’s maiden name, and we always thought it would be neat to incorporate into a boys name if we ever had that chance. When Scott asked his mom about it, she was really excited. She would have turned one hundred last week, so it seems like a nice tribute to her.

We have been wanting to add a dog to our family for quite some time now. I should probably say that I have been wanting to. haha! We wanted to go with an older dog because the energy/chewing/potty training would be over with. BUT, we have three young kids and need a guarantee that the dog will be good with kids. When he showed up at the shelter, I jumped. I don’t want to buy from a breeder. I did that with Daisy, and she died two years later from a genetic type of kidney failure.

Rocci is settling into our family nicely. We are thrilled to have added him into the chaos; so thrilled that he gets a whole post dedicated to him with terribly lit photos. haha!


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