Glimpses of Summer

We had warm weather show up this weekend. It was so glorious!!! I ended up forgetting my phone (which is my camera) for most of it, so I don’t have many pictures. Being unplugged was really refreshing though.

The mornings were cool and still called for long sleeves, but it would warm up by the afternoon (or earlier). Harper is LOVING her new puppy. She says “Awwwwwww, Rocci” and stares at him while he sleeps.

We took a couple of long walks on Friday. The first was just around our neighborhood and to the Casey’s for cappuccino and cookies. Chloe rode her scooter. She stresses me out a bit because she still doesn’t steer very well, so she goes towards the center of the road. Hopefully that stops soon. Our second walk, we ditched the scooter and instead let the big girls trade off on who walked Rocci and who rode in the wagon with Harper. We walked over to one of the many parks in town. The girls had a blast climbing and playing. All of the other kids and parents on the playground loved petting the puppy. Socializing our awkward homeschooled pup.


Saturday morning we played outside. It warmed up REALLY quickly, so we ended up digging out summer clothes. I think it got up to 85 degrees. It was magnificent!! Scott and I worked on cleaning up the yard some more. Those stupid leaves are everywhere!!! There are a lot of overgrown weeds that have turned woody. They are grown all through the fence. We had trimmed them down a few weeks ago, so Scott was trying to clean up that mess while I raked the leaves.

After lunch, we loaded our zoo up and went to walk a really pretty part of the path here. Harper insisted on walking. Chloe and Addi once again took turns holding the leash. Harper walked probably a mile and a half. She was pretty pooped by the end of it. We all were.

I was able to go to the grocery store alone on Sunday, which was really fantastic. I bought our groceries for the next two weeks, and it feels REALLY good to see a fully stocked fridge/freezer/pantry again. It’s been a while. haha!

It felt so good to get out in the sunshine. Especially after I have been confined to the house with my own sickness and sick kids. I think it was healing, because Harper’s fever finally went away and I stopped having to blow my nose every 2 seconds. The sinus pressure is still there, which is super annoying, but I feel tons better. It’s time to regain control of the house. (Though my husband stepped up and took care of a lot while I felt so miserable.)

It was such a wonderful and refreshing weekend. The past several weeks have had full weekends that have left us feeling exhausted. It was nice to just do family for the weekend.



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