On Bringing Up Girls

I have been listening to “anthem” songs with my daughters.

Photo by Meredith Michelle Photography

Songs about finding their worth in Jesus. Finding their beauty in who they are, not what they look like. Songs about being true to who they are. (We love music; singing and dancing obnoxiously) Girl Power songs, I guess. [None of that “The Future is Female” junk.. if the future is female then the human race will cease to exist, just in case you don’t know biology.]

It’s a message that I have needed also. I have never had self-confidence. I’ve never been good at finding my self-worth. I don’t want my daughters to grow up with a mentality that they are not enough.

Someone told Chloe that she looked better without her glasses. She said she didn’t want to wear them anymore. Gosh. Already? She is six for heaven’s sake. My heart broke for her, so we had a long conversation about it. Her uncle told her that one day someone would make fun of her for wearing glasses so she is scared that people will make fun of her for wearing glasses. GLASSES, people. A complete necessity for her– for all three of my daughters.

I tell all of my girls how special they are. I tell them how they are fearfully and wonderfully made; that they are beautiful. That they need to worry more about what their heart is like than what people think of how they look. I want them to know they are strong and capable of anything that they work hard for.

Being a girl was hard enough when I was younger. Now, it’s so much worse. Women of all ages are being bombarded with messages about what beauty is. Hair extensions, eyelash extensions and eyebrow tattoos?! I mean, come on!!! HOW can we teach our girls that inner beauty is more important than outer when we are constantly doing things to alter our appearance? Sex is what sells, apparently. It makes me sick to see the age of these young models posing practically naked. It makes me sick that people are entertained by books and movies about abuse. It makes me sick that this is NORMAL now.

I struggle with fear of the world my daughters will grow up in; the world my niece and nephews will grow up in. It’s so ugly and it’s just getting worse. I am trying to raise them up to a be light in all of the darkness. I want them to not give in to the world’s standards. God’s standard is all that matters.

I feel like I am just babbling on and on. I just have reached a point where I can’t stand all of these thoughts swirling in my head anymore, so I need to put them out there. We need to continue praying for this generation.


Any seasoned girl moms have any great Biblical resources for tackling these issues? Obviously the Bible is #1.


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