Backyard Dreaming

Summer is coming! Tomorrow is supposed to be another nearly 80 degree day, so my mind is not on the current sweater weather.

In Michigan, we had a picnic table on our back deck. We used to eat meals out there as often as possible. We would take art supplies outside and do projects. We just loved being outside. But, there wasn’t a fence and we lived off of a parking lot. I used to get nervous with three really little ones running wherever they wanted, so I tried to keep them on the deck as often as possible.

Now, we have a fenced in back yard with a small patio. It’s really wonderful. We have been giving it some TLC since we moved in. The yard is L-shaped with part of the “back” yard being on the side. We have our swing set, slide, and playhouse over here.


The yard area behind the house has a patio and a small tree. (this photo only shows a portion of the yard.)


There were weeds or some crazy plants that were (and still are) overgrown. It literally was vines and sticks from top to bottom all along that fence line. Every time we are out there, we start cutting more down and piling it up until we can actually burn it here. It’s very dry and we have a LOT of grass fires in our area.

The picnic table in Michigan was not ours. It was just stored on the deck there and we were able to use it. I started looking on our local B/S/T pages and found this table.


I was able to get it for only $20. It needs a paint refreshing, but I can’t wait to have a spot to sit outside again. I am thinking of painting it teal. I’ve always loved teal and turquoise, but feel like they are getting too trendy now. I like being a black sheep. Teal would go well with the red brick and red siding and red everything on the house. haha!

My mom had the idea to have Scott build some benches to go with it until we find some patio chairs. We have a sliding glass door attached to the patio, so we will just carry our dining chairs in and out until we get that sorted out.

I really want to make our back yard a haven for our family. I also want to do some container gardening back there. I have wanted to garden for YEARS. I feel like container gardening will be a good start for me to learn the ropes. Too much dreaming, perhaps.

So, tell me- teal? I love golden yellows also, but am afraid with all of the red it will look like the golden arches back there. Should I just freshen it up with new white paint?


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