Turning the week around.

This week… Ugh. I have been in a grumpy funk.

Monday, Chloe and Addi had dentist appointments. Chloe is super brave and does a really good job. Addi, like me, has a lot of anxiety when going to the dentist. She was a rockstar though. It could be because they had cartoons on TV, but I don’t care. They both did great!!

Tuesday was the ultimate grump fest from every female in our household. Rocci was out of the house (he got fixed yesterday) so we didn’t even have him to distract us. It was annoyingly windy and cloudy outside. I have been stressing about some things that we have to get figured out. Chloe had dance class, which happened to be a parent participation night. I got coffee with my friend Hannah, which REALLY helped to boost my mood, before it was time for the parents to join. Chloe is such a shy little girl. She wouldn’t dance with me, so I finally twirled her while she held on to my finger. Once we made it home after picking up the dog and dinner, the grumpies were back.


Today, Chloe had an eye appointment to see how her glasses are helping her. I have been DREADING it since I scheduled it. The last time it was a nightmare. Chloe didn’t want to cooperate and her sisters were wild animals. Thankfully, only a certain toddler was a wild monkey. It was really stressful and I really had enough.

Cake pops for the car ride.

I decided that I am sick of feeling like Oscar the grouch, so I put them in the van and we went to Hobby Lobby. I needed to get some supplies for Chloe to make a dance poster anyway. But, I decided to search for some crafts that we could do today to life everyone’s spirits (mostly mine).

I got a tie dying kit from the clearance section. Chloe and Addi tie dyed scarfs. I found a white shirt that never gets worn for Harper to dye. She never sits still anymore, hence the lack of pictures of her.

Chloe decided she wanted a marbled look and Addi wanted stripes. I really can’t wait to see how these turn out. I always loved getting to tie dye things when I was a little girl.

This has really helped to turn the whole week around. We don’t have any more doctor’s appointments, which will help tremendously. It is also the first day of a new month, so there was no way I was going to stay a grumposaurus. We’ve got to start off the month on a good foot.

This weekend, I have a women’s conference that I am going to with some ladies from church. I am really excited since I have never been to a conference like this.

Can you even believe that it is already March?! I don’t know how that happened, but I am thrilled. Hello, spring!!

Happy Wednesday, friends. I hope that if you are having a rough day, you can find a way to turn it around.



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