A Beautiful Mess

It’s been a minute.

Life threw a lot of curveballs last week. A. Lot. of curveballs.

(My in-laws moved to town, also!! But, that is NOT one of the curveballs. I’m really excited about that!)

I can’t really talk about what has been happening, but let me just say that I appreciate any and all prayers that are said on my family’s behalf.

The realization that I was not fully trusting God has dramatically changed things. Just being AWARE of that has caused a shift in my thinking. I stop myself if the negative thoughts start creeping in. I’m not allowing bitterness to win. It’s amazing that just making yourself aware of the battle is so life changing. NOT TODAY, SATAN!

The picture above causes me to think about how messy life gets. Look at all of that dead and broken stuff. There is still life springing up from the mess. It’s beautiful. It is a perfect picture of life.


Friends, I really don’t have anything much to share. I felt like I needed to pop in to let you know that I am alive.

I AM looking forward to dyeing our milk green on Friday for St. Patrick’s Day and hiding some gold coins around the house for a scavenger hunt.

Thank you for supporting and loving me. You guys are the best!


P.S. I have been listening to Natalie Grant’s CD “Be One” on repeat this week. King of the World is probably my favorite song. Go listen!!





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