Dirty Toes


Isn’t this what childhood should look like? Dirty bare feet playing outside?

We love having a back yard. Usually at least one of my children ends up barefoot. (We make sure we clean up after the dog before this happens.) I always kind of groan because I think of the baths that are needed.

But, they are making such precious memories.


My childhood was full of playing outdoors. I used to ride bikes with my friend Christina. We would go door do door asking anyone with a dog if we could take the dog for a walk. Surprisingly, there were quite a few who would say yes. We made chalk roads down the sidewalks in-between our houses. Once, we made them EVERYWHERE. One lady was not happy that she had chalk in her driveway because she tracked it into her house. Oops.

My children’s childhood will look different in some ways. But, they will get dirty and play.

They will dig in the dirt and get covered in mud. They will jump into leaf piles and stand while we attempt to pick the leaves from their hair. They will adventure and imagine and play.

I am really grateful that spring showed up early here so that we could get a head start on our outdoor play. (It definitely left for this week, but will be back again next week.)

We love to color with sidewalk chalk. The girls love to swing and imagine that the swings are any other form of transportation. the tie jump ropes to the swing and pretend that they are vines to swing from.

Most of the time, I can’t keep up with their imaginations. Harper runs along beside them trying to keep up, too. She will climb in the wagon and ask for a ride, so I just pull her around the yard for as long as she wants.

Childhood is such a special time. It is such a short time in our lives that vanishes as quickly as it came. I want to make their childhood as special as possible. I want to do this without so much STUFF.

My sister and I used to build a house for Barbie out of books… I just loved the simplicity of my childhood, and I hope and pray that I can give my children the same.


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