Food, Unplugging, and Tests


Look at that! Frosted Animal Cookie ice cream. Does it get any better?! No. No, it does not.

We had this for dinner Monday night, and it was SO delicious. It was the perfect dinner on a super hot day. That avocado mango salsa. Yum.

We also went without the TV on for the entire day. I’m embarrassed that this was such a huge deal. Harper is at an age where she needs constant attention or she does naughty things. So, I typically turn on one of her favorite shows so that we can get school work done without me having to chase her down. I have really been wanting to cut out TV time altogether. We had so much fun on Monday without it.

These have become a favorite in our house. (We have these and these; all were bought on sale at different times!)They are so great for open ended play. My kids love to build houses and all kinds of things for their small toys. They will play for HOURS. I’m only sharing that if you need a non-candy idea for Easter baskets. 🙂

I really feel like the most boring person on the planet because I don’t even know what to say or share. Life has still been crazy; and only seems to be getting crazier. God pointed out my lack of trust just in time to really test me. I know that these tests and trials are all going to work out for HIS glory; certainly not my own.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week so far. Scott and I are going on our first date in well over 6 months on Friday. I can’t wait.





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