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Friday Favorites

First, I’m going on a date with my husband tonight. It has been WAY too long.

Addi got a new haircut (sort of pictured above). She never sits still, so I don’t think I’ll get a good picture. It’s so cute though! Her hair got caught in the engine of a leaf blower, so it had to get cut. We are so thankful that she wasn’t hurt. She has been wanting her hair cut short for a while now, so she is really happy.

This stainless steel 360 cup. It is insulated, which is a huge bonus for me, the mom of a dairy-allergy child. (It is $14.99 in stores, so don’t pay more than that on Amazon!)

THIS is just too hilarious. And, maybe I’m terrible for thinking so.

We have a wagon that my parents got us for Easter several years ago. If you have little kids, you need to get one! Radio Flyer made a fold up wagon that is for kids to sit in. Genius.

I want to share my love of Arvo watches again. I bought a watch from them over a year ago. The hour hand on my watch somehow got ahead of the rest, so the time wasn’t accurate. I e-mailed them about it figuring that because I was past warranty, I would be out of luck. They told me to send it back (on them) so that they could repair or replace it. They are out of the watch that I bought, so I get to pick a new one.

I’m intrigued by the “step hem” jean trend. This tutorial by Merrick would be a great way to try it out on an old pair of jeans. (She is by far my favorite fashion blogger, so go check her blog out!)

I love this kitchen reno post.

Saving the bees needs to be a huge priority for all of us! Do you like coffee and avocado? (If not, we can’t be friends) (J/K) This is really intriguing. Has anyone tried it?

Happy Fri-YAY!!


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