Fresh Bread

The girls and I made fresh bread yesterday. I used this recipe that my younger sister sent me. I can’t wait to try this one though. I believe they are essentially the same recipe, one is just a much larger batch.

What is it about fresh made bread that is so comforting?! The house smelled delicious while it cooked. I let it cool and gave each of the girls a slice to eat. We sliced more to make garlic bread with our dinner. We have less than half a “loaf” left now and I can’t wait to make more.

I have dreams of being a homesteader. I probably won’t mill my own flour, but I would love to live off of the fruits and vegetables that I grow and make everything from scratch. I make quite a bit from scratch compared to other families, but I know there is so much more that I could be doing. Owning a home on a decent sized piece of land would be a dream come true.

I have been reading this post and slowly going through the information. I find it all fascinating. Making my own bars of soap?! While I would never wish to go back to the horrific diseases and struggles of the “olden days”, I long for the simplicity.

Imagine a world without social media to drain the life from you and give you so many ways to compare and rob you of joy. I deleted the Facebook app off of my phone. It is sad how freeing that has felt. I found myself getting sucked into scrolling for absolutely no reason. It’s sad. I have really contemplated deleting it altogether. It is a nice way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the globe, so I keep hanging onto it.

We plan on starting a small container garden this year. We rent our home and are just starting out with gardening. I am praying that it is successful and we can add to it each year. I read somewhere that a homesteader is anyone who is making an effort to be more self-sufficient. So, I guess I could call myself one, but I certainly don’t feel like I deserve that title yet. haha!

I am curious. Have you ever made your own bread or soap? Or anything else? I’ve made my own cleaners and love it! (I made my own laundry soap, but it did not work well with my HE washing machine.. the stink was bad.)


**(Completely random, but I found this bag that looks just like my Lily Jade bag for 1/3 of the price. It comes in teal also, if anyone has been looking!)**

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