Current Family Life

This family of mine. I love them. This picture is from our walk that we took this weekend. Our wagon and stroller are the best. Sometimes Chloe rides her scooter while the other two ride in the wagon, but we really just wanted to enjoy a walk together instead of getting onto Chloe for trying to go in the middle of the road/going too far ahead/running us over. You know?

This week has been a bit of a struggle. Everyone is just off and grumpy. We are all short tempered with each other. It’s been dreary and cloudy all week, so we have been indoors a lot. Our yard is currently a giant mud puddle from the buckets of rain that fell last night. I am incredibly thankful for all of the rain the covered Oklahoma last night. We needed it.

I am trying to gather things up to have a garage sale next weekend. I’ve been doing this since we moved to town. haha! We lived in an apartment last yard sale season, so I just kept collecting it in bags/boxes that are labeled. I can’t wait to finally clear some of it out!! Now, if the current sunny/perfect temperature forecast for next weekend can come true, I’ll be set.

Is anyone else jealous of her setup? I want someone to push me in a cozy stroller while I eat a snack with my shoes on the wrong feet. Gah! I love her so..

The baby fever is real with me. Harper turns THREE in a few months. I’m not ready. I can’t handle it. I am so thankful that I have been in the nursery at church getting to snuggle babies. haha!!


Easter is coming up. We have bought a few things for the big girls. All I have for Harper so far is a book. We really try to not do a lot of candy. They get plenty at the egg hunt at church. Do you have any ideas for an almost three year old?! I should have an idea, but nope. I’m lost. I don’t have dresses for them yet. I feel like things have been so chaotic that I’m losing control of it all. Yikes!!

On that note.. Happy Wednesday. We are halfway through this week! Hallelujah!

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