A Day at the Zoo

The end of March/all of April have been completely madness. This is always a busy time of year in any church, so it is not something abnormal. ha! Scott finally got a day off last Friday. We loaded the kids up and headed to the zoo!

The last time we were at the zoo, a giant umbrella got loose from the gift shop. It barely missed hitting one of the girls in the head and landed on my foot. It was pretty bruised for quite a while. I let the zoo know what happened, because I would hate for someone to get hurt. They gave our family passes for unlimited train and carousel rides on our next visit. Score!!! I’m glad we didn’t pay for it because the train was lame and the noise terrified Harper. But, the big girls had a lot of fun on it.

wagon // storage bag

The sea lions are one of the favorite spots to visit since you can go down below and watch them swim. It just feels really magical beneath the water. 

We walked a ton that day. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or cold. The animals were all pretty active. It was just wonderful. I got to hold Scott’s hand all over the zoo, which is also really nice when you haven’t spent much time together.

If you are ever in Oklahoma, hit up the Tulsa Zoo. The animals are all very well cared for, and it is so much fun!! (There are also a lot of museums around the zoo, so there is plenty to do!)

We have another busy week ahead of us! Lots of special events, service projects, and Easter! My family is coming into town this weekend, and I am really excited!

Happy Monday, friends!!

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