An Almost Secret Garden

We moved into this house in November, as you may know. Everything was dead and overgrown. The leaves started falling and covered EVERYTHING. There are so many trees in our front yard, and a lot of wind in Oklahoma. Leaves were everywhere. We didn’t even own a rake! We just started cutting all of the weeds and overgrown things down, and bought a rake! There was this thorny bush in the corner of the back yard. It had little berries on it. I told Scott that it surely wasn’t a rose bush because they don’t have any kind of berry on them, so I trimmed them down.

I was shocked when buds started appearing this spring.

The color is just so beautiful!!! (I told you, leaves everywhere!)img_7066On the side of the house were a bunch of small trees and weeds. But, everything was dead or dormant because it was nearing winter. Scott cut it all down because trees shouldn’t be that close to the house.

Behold, another surprise!! I text my mom a picture of the buds and she told me that I had peonies growing! WHAT?!  Now, they are blooming beautifully.


They are such a vibrant shade of pink! The girls have loved checking on the flowers each day and seeing new blooms appearing.

The day that I planted all of my vegetables and herbs, I also bought a lot of clearance flowers from Walmart. I planted some in flower boxes in the front of the house and some are in pots.

I LOVE flowers, but have never had the opportunity to really have any in my yard. Our first house, we were completely broke and flowers were just too expensive. Then, we didn’t have a real “yard” to plant flowers. I am so excited that these flowers grew. It may sound silly, but I feel like God really blessed us with these. We “pruned” them without realizing it. I obviously cannot take credit for growing these since i had no idea that they were there.

Our backyard has become such a retreat. It’s such a blessing to have a safe place for our kids to play, and beautiful flowers to smell all day long.

If April showers bring MAY flowers, I’m excited to see what else will bloom. 😉


Happy Thursday! We have almost made it through the week!!

signature 2

P.S. Have any of you purchased the She Reads Truth Bible? I REALLY like what I am seeing of it, but was curious if anyone had first hand knowledge. Most of the colors are out of stock right now.


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