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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I am cooped up with sick kids.. STILL.. and feel a little bit like losing my mind. I don’t know what else to try other than burning the house down. Don’t worry– I am afraid of fire and would never go that far. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of sick kids, this humidifier is the best! It has helped us through many, many rounds of respiratory illnesses.

The Day My Child Lost Her Joy

Love Your Melon is doing BOGO beanies for Superhero day– today only!

I love this skirt. I need to learn to sew better so I can make one like it.

This is a great budget friendly meal. Yum.

My last favorite thing- baby wearing. Or, toddler wearing. I love being hands free for my other sick girls while carrying the fussiest little sick one.

We had some warmer weather today while it was actually dry. We are in for more storms and cool weather this weekend.

Happy Weekend!

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