It’s {gonna be} May

Happy, Monday!! AND Happy May!! It’s my birthday month, so that’s nothing exciting. haha!! It’s also our last month on staff at CCC. It’s so bittersweet… I don’t need to dwell on that though. May is going to be a wild and crazy month.

I’m dragging a bit today since my kids had a rough night last night. Zzzzzz

We had a bit of a boring weekend. We had crazy amounts of rain that caused our streets to flood- just from the amount that fell so quickly. Thankfully, we didn’t get damaging floods like I have seen in so many other parts of the area. Or SNOW! What?! Oklahoma had some crazy weather. Plus, the kids have been sick, so we stayed home every day. Other than  a trip to the ER on Saturday night with Harper because we thought her eardrum may have ruptured. Thankfully, it’s just an external ear infection that is making her ear yucky. We’re all stir crazy now and I feel like the kids are fighting Hunger Games style.


I am really excited because I was finally able to join Young Living. I’ve been wanting to join for YEARS, and was finally able to jump on board. PLUS, the bonus oil for April was Stress Away! I’ve got just a leetle stress right now. haha!! (This month’s oil is Tangerine, if you are curious). If you need any oils, I’m your girl. I’m excited to learn more about how to use oils. I’ve been using them somewhat; mostly thieves, peppermint, and lavender. I’m also so excited to be a part of She Does Justice. I have followed Megan on social media for a long time now. She is just a wonderful person!

I am also hoping to go for a haircut this week. I got a long angled bob a couple of months ago. I love a LOB, but the front is growing way faster than the rest, so now it just looks like I forgot to have the front part of my hair cut.

We’ve got a garage sale in the plans because we are FINALLY going to have a weekend without rain!!! The youth garage sale is also this month, so if you are in the area and have things that you can donate to the cause, PLEASE let us know!! The proceeds help send our teens to camp.

This may be the most scatter brained blog post in the history of blogs.

P.S. Could you do me a favor and go over here and fill this out. Puj has these really awesome hanging cups for the refrigerator, and you can refer your friends to earn free cups through May 3. I have already earned 1 free cup, but have three children. 😉 Thanks so much!!

Bye, bye, bye.

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