29 Things About Me

Today I enter the last year of my twenties! (Hooray!) I thought it would be fun to share 29 random things about myself since some of you are new here and may not know a whole lot about me! Hopefully you still like me after reading them. 😉

1. I can NOT stand hearing people chew.

2. Milk used to be my drink of choice all day. Now, I never drink it.

3. My favorite color is teal/turquoise; though it used to be pink.

4. I never carried a purse until my senior year of high school. I went from no purse to the biggest purse I could find.

5. My first job was at Culver’s. I was terrible at the register and always ended up cleaning in the dining room.

6. Twins always fascinated me in elementary school and now I’m married to one.

7. I grew up wanting to be a dentist. One day, our family dentist let me watch him work on my sister and I immediately changed my mind. {I feel like I need to say that her mouth was not gross! I’m just squeamish. Lol}

8. Chloe has to remind me of my age far too frequently because I can’t remember.

9. I always thought I would end up having all boys. Every time I heard “it’s a girl” I was shocked.

10. I cannot figure out “my” style, and it bothers me more than it should.

11. Talking on the phone stresses me out.

12. I hate how often I let my emotions and circumstances get the best of me.

13. I get serious anxiety every time we travel; even if it’s only 45 minutes away.

14. Gilmore Girls was my favorite show until they did the revival. A Day in the Life pretty much ruined it.

15. I would love to take a dance class. Am I too old for ballet?

16. I had 5 different majors in college. (Elementary education, early childhood education, business, interior design, psychology)

17. I pretty much only drink iced coffee when the weather gets above 70 in the Spring.

18. If I could live anywhere in the country it would be Tennessee in the mountains. It’s close enough to visit the ocean also.

19. I long to travel and explore places that I have never seen; and re-visit many beautiful places that my parents took us as children.

20. I have stopped googling symptoms when anyone is sick. I think we all need to.

21. I have an addiction to Amazon Prime. I may need an intervention.

22. Everyone mistakes my older sister and I for twins. We get asked every time we are together if we are twins. (She is 6 1/2 years older than me)

23. I’m stupidly excited about the bell-sleeve trend being back in style! Please never go away.

24. It would be so fun to buy an old Airstream camper and fix it up.

25. I really long to move our family more towards minimalism. The thought of spending more time with people and less time cleaning stuff sounds amazing.

26. I was born in New Mexico, but only lived there until I was 6. I spent most of my life in Illinois, but still use the NM lingo. (SODA not pop)

27. I hated college, but love learning. I have signed up for free college courses online, and enjoy them so much more than I ever enjoyed my college years.

28. Christmas and Halloween are tied for my favorite holiday. That’s crazy, I know. I love the silliness of Halloween combined with the beautiful weather. But, Christmas is just magical.

29. I am in the minority of people who cannot wait to reach their thirties!


Wow, that was hard. Starting so many sentences with the word “I” makes me cringe. Also, I’m not that interesting, so hopefully you are still awake. If not, I hope your nap was wonderful.

Thanks for reading along and supporting me.

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3 thoughts on “29 Things About Me”

  1. Funny you mentioned #22 …. I know you took a break from FB, but someone wished me a happy birthday on a picture of you and mom! 😂😂


      1. If we back date all of the birthdays of you’d that Amy is trying to steal she would be 64! Happy birthday old timer!


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