How I Earn Free Products


This post is for everyone- not just bloggers. Any time I share a box full of goodies that I got for free, I get a ton of questions on how I got them. I figured that I would just put together a post of what I do so that you can have the same opportunities. Some of them require work, so that is why I say “earn” free products.

Moms Meet: This one is new to me. It’s a program that is run by Kiwi Magazine. You can sign up to become a Mom Ambassador and apply for different programs. This program is great because Kiwi is a natural/eco-friendly family magazine, so the products are organic and mostly good for you.  I recently was selected for a Baby Mum-Mums program. Here is what they sent me- FOR FREE. I didn’t pay shipping. I just had to do what was required of me.


(Please excuse the terrible quality photo. It’s the only one I have of it.) Those boxes were for my family to keep, and the huge bags were all to share along with coupons. Awesome, right?! Since you do have to apply, you aren’t guaranteed to be selected- just FYI. You can also do different activities to earn rewards points. I just redeemed points for a free allergy-friendly cookbook!

House Party: This is another website where you apply to host various house parties. They send you everything you need and you just invite your friends.  I have done  Seventh Generation Healthy Baby, Huggies potty training, Kikkoman, Fairlife, and Dunkin Donuts parties. I’ve applied to SO many more than that. It’s really awesome because they send you tons of free products and samples when you get selected. You can also apply to be a chatterbox for other products. When you are a chatterbox, you get sent a new product on the market to talk about on social media. I recently got sent a new Kleenex product to try and share about! I apply to them all. I’ve been doing this since 2013.



Swagbucks: This isn’t so much about free products, but free gift cards. I have shared about it before, but I’ll always share. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s so easy. I have earned HUNDREDS of dollars in Amazon/Target/Paypal gift cards. This is what we use to buy birthday and Christmas presents. It’s a blessing.

Hip2Save is a great place to find out what companies are offering freebies. This is where there is not work required. It’s typically just free samples; though sometimes they are full sized products. I love it because Collin finds EVERYTHING. She also shares how you can combine coupons/app offers to get free or practically free things at the grocery store. Basically, if you want to become great a couponing- she is your girl!


I will add to this post if I think of any others, or find any other programs. I earn extra Swagbucks if you sign up through my link. Any other program, I don’t earn a thing. I share because I am super grateful for the opportunities that these companies have given me. It’s really fun to try new products and get to bless other people with them!

Are there any that you would add to this list? I’m sure there are some that I am missing.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Let us never forget the sacrifices that were made so that we can have our freedoms.

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