Friday Favorites


Water. I love being by the water. We drove to Lake Copan last weekend, and it was so wonderful to hear the waves.

My sisters and I used to tease our mom for wearing these shoes every day of the summer. She used to get really awesome tan lines from them. Now I want them. Sorry, Mom.

Peanut Butter powder is amazing in smoothies!!! You avoid all of the oils making a mess of your blender, but get allllll of that delicious flavor.

This play kitchen is my childhood dream come true. I’m seriously considering saving all of our Swagbucks gift cards to get this for the girls for Christmas. They would love it, too, and all three of them would fit at once.

I am loving my Young Living oils. I am working on a post that details how I have successfully used them over the past month and a half. They are rolling out new products later this month, and I cannot wait!! (sunscreen, bug spray, makeup, and a baby line to name a few) Please let me know if you would like to learn more. The starter kit is the BEST deal (even if you don’t want to sell), and you won’t regret it!!

The Ibotta app is new to me. I feel like I am a million years behind, because I’ve seen every money-saving blogger rave about it. I have only used it for less than a month, and just redeemed $20. That’s $20 back in my pocket for buying items that I was already shopping for!!

Possibly my favorite thing– not being on Facebook!! I have been listing things for sale on local B/S/T sights. But, I am not checking notifications for anything but those products. It is glorious. I never realized how much life was being sucked from me by using Facebook.

I hope you have a happy Friday!!


P.S. If you need a laugh- I almost posted this on Thursday because I have no clue what day it is anymore. πŸ˜‰

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