(Almost) Goodbye Oklahoma

There is a huge moving truck sitting in front of our house, boxes and furniture everywhere, and my kids are eating lunch (at 2PM) at a teeny picnic table in our living room. Scott made me rest my arm because it’s stupid and I’m ridiculous. So, here you go.. We leave Oklahoma tomorrow. I am sad, because I really love this state and these people. However, we have SUCH a peace about this.. it still stinks. But, there is peace. If that even makes sense?



This picture is symbolic. Put it in your heads for tomorrow when we are actually driving. And, remove Scott from the picture and add a puppy because that will be my reality. Lord Jesus, help me. HA!

So, Chloe clearly was covering Addi’s face for whatever reason.. and I have a double chin. You’re welcome.


Here is try #2. I give up. Also, We were sitting in the parking lot of the U-haul place waiting for it to open. So, mommy shamers, simmer down. Can we also celebrate that for the first time in the history of ever, U-haul had our truck ON TIME, in the right place, and the correct size!!! What?! PLUS, it’s new!

Please pray that we have safe travels tomorrow. I get travel anxiety and have a really hard time relaxing when we travel anywhere out of town. It is supposed to be pretty windy. Wind + big moving truck= terrified emoji. Also, pray for my parents. They have to put up with all five of us under their roof temporarily. One week of us is fun (I guess?) but this will be longer than a week and I’m hoping they don’t disown me.

I’m kidding. I cut my hair and my dad still loves me, so we’ll be fine. 😉

I think I’ve sufficiently rested my arm and wasted your time, so I’m gonna go back to doing something that is productive.

Get ready, Illinois, we’re coming for your corn.

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