A few months ago, our former pastor in MI had invited Scott up to fill the pulpit while he was on vacation. We were really excited to get to see friends of ours again, and visit the church that loved on our family for nearly 5 years. (Five years is a LONG time for a youth pastor to be in a church.) It was so nice to hug everyone again and catch up on life.

It was our vacation for the year. We decided that we were going to make it fun, because this year had been anything but fun. haha! It’s been a rough year on all of us. It was so wonderful to refresh and remember what God has called us to.

We visited some of our favorite places and ate our favorite foods while in Michigan.

Port Huron is one of my favorite cities that I have been to. It’s full of old beautiful homes, and has a long stretch where you can walk along the water with Canada just across the river. Also, there is a beach… really, more than “a” beach. The Great Lakes are so beautiful. The girls always call it the ocean… and you can see why.





We had so much fun playing in the water. I should also mention that it was in the seventies, so swimming was NOT happening. The weather was beautiful.


We even squeezed our traditional pizza and a movie night in. πŸ˜‰ Note the huge case of bottled water. #Flint

We headed home on a Monday. We drove to the other side of the state to visit Pastor and his wife where they were camping. It was SO good to see them again. They took us over to see Lake Michigan and another town that we had never been to. Goodness, Michigan truly is BEAUTIFUL. We always lived in some of the.. not-so-pretty (or safe)… areas.



We were invited to come vacation with them next year, and if we are still in IL we may take them up on it. Michigan will always have a piece of my heart. I hate winter there, which feels like it lasts 9 months of the year. But, we have spent most of our married life there, and all three of our babies were born there.

This trip was so needed for all of us. I can’t wait to go visit again!!

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Hello, it’s me.

These flowers are from a sweet gentleman at church who makes beautiful arrangements to decorate the lobby, then gifts them to someone each week.

Hello from Illinois!!

It has been a wild few weeks. Scott is AT WORK and the girls are glued to Paw Patrol, so I figured I’d give a little update.

The day we left Oklahoma, I felt like it was a real struggle. I was frustrated at our situation, and overwhelmed by it all.Β  I went in to have stitches removed and found out my wound was infected; probably from cleaning and packing a house with an open wound… My appointment took FOREVER. We didn’t pull out of the driveway until well after 1 PM. We were so frustrated and exhausted. Once we finally got out of Bville we had smooth sailing. The girls behaved so well, Rocci slept, and I only cried a few times.

Scott had an interview pretty quickly, and it went really well. We left for Michigan a week after arriving here in Illinois. Scott was given the opportunity to preach at the church we were a part of for nearly 5 years. It was so great to see everyone again. We left feeling so loved and refreshed. We were able to stay with one of the sweet ladies from the church for free. We went to visit some of our favorite spots in the area, which were all free. It was like a really great vacation with fighting kids in the minivan. haha! I have loads of pictures from that trip and will do a post soon.

We had one more week with Scott home before he started his new job!!!!!

God has really shown us that this is exactly what He wanted for us in this time. There is a house lined up for us to move into next month. Scott has a job already. We joined the church that we “grew up” in, and the people are just as wonderful and encouraging as they always have been. We are in THE BEST place for this season- it just took a lot of convincing to get here. I have peace that this is right. It still is painful that it is not at all what we hoped things would look like, don’t get me wrong. But, there is overwhelming peace.

I do not know how long God will have us here for. Scott and I both have said we feel like this is not going to be a super short stint. God has surprised us before, so we will see what happens. For now, I am enjoying being close to our families and spending time with them.

Tomorrow, Harper turns THREE, and I am SO glad that she gets to be surrounded by family on her birthday.


Thank you all for your love and prayers through all of this change in our lives. I have felt them all.

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