Our Weekend in Pictures

I am probably insane for trying to write. I have an extra dog in my house who has climbed ON my PRINTER and tore open a box already this morning, and its still early. She’s currently asleep at my feet, so I think I’m ok. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are still trying to get settled. Some things have happened that have prevented us from taking care of many projects that we needed to do, so I’m freaking out a little bit about our homeschool start date. :/

Anyway, this is a weekend post. So, here we go!

Friday evening, my mom, sister, and I all went to a craft fair in town. We wanted to go out for some frozen yogurt after. Hello, gorgeous! I couldn’t pick one flavor, so I have cake batter with white chocolate chips, and dulce de leche with salted caramel cups. I definitely want to go back ASAP.


Scott and I were talking about how badly we wanted to do something as a family since it had been quite some time. We woke up Saturday and packed up to go for a hike at Rock Springs. I use the term hike loosely because, kids. We hiked for about an hour before heading to run errands and get some lunch.


While we were on our way to Rock Springs, my family was making plans to get together and do something since it is such a rare occasion. We ended up at Wildlife Prairie Park. After we visited, my mom said that it has really gone downhill. Most of the animals weren’t out to seeย  and the butterfly house was completely empty. It was more of a flower house. BUT, it was very pretty. We got to see lots of bison and baby deer. Plus, (almost) the whole family was together.


Seeing the buffalo made me think of Oklahoma. Then, as we were walking out I saw these bricks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Michigan made an appearance also.img_0052.jpg


We got to watch the most beautiful sunset on our way home. That’s the one perk of living in Illinois.. there’s nothing to obstruct your view other than corn.



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I hope that your week is going wonderfully. Please don’t forget to pray for Texas. Not only pray, but DO. There are many organizations that you can donate time, money, and items to.

Convoy of Hope

Texas Diaper Bank – ย  Here is the Amazon Wishlist


Here’s another great article with ways to help!

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