How We Use Essential Oils


I know that there are so many people who are skeptical about essential oils. I was one of them. But, after health problem after health problem and doctors not being able to figure out what was going on with my body, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I figured that if nothing else, I got some really good smelling oils to diffuse and they would make my house smell good.

I am so thankful that I was wrong. I got my Young Living starter kit back at the beginning of May. I had just got back from the doctor’s office and found out that two of my three kids had strep throat, and that our third would most likely come down with it immediately. Perfect time to put these oils to the test. So, here is how we use each oil. I’m going to put a * by the ones I have replaced so that you can see which ones get the most use.

*Thieves: this is such a great immune booster! You can diffuse it, and even add a drop of thieves vitality to your water or coffee. I put this oil in every diffuser in my house when someone comes down with something. Did I mention that strep never got to my third child in that round? (I stopped being diligent about it, and she came down with it several weeks later.. but stopped it from spreading to anyone else then.) You can also make a roller bottle and roll it on the bottoms of everyone’s feet to keep their immune systems boosted every day!

Peppermint: This has so many uses, but my favorite is to help with headaches. You can make a roller bottle and roll it on your temples to help ease headaches. You can also just sniff it from the bottle to energize you, or put a drop in your water for some yummy flavor!

DiGize: I’m going to be honest. This oil smells SO BAD. But, it works so well!! You know those days where you have eaten something that has your tummy super bloated; or you just eat too much? Rub a couple of drops on your belly and you WILL get relief. DiGize vitality can also be put in your water.

Copiaba: This is great for overall wellness. I diffuse this along with thieves and sometimes put a drop in my water if I need a boost.

Lemon: Lemon is a great uplifting scent! This makes a great addition to your household cleaners. I also really love to put a drop in my water!

*Lavender: This is a soothing oil. I will admit, I did not like the smell when I first started. It was nauseating to me. I have come to enjoy it! A lot of people like to diffuse this oil (paired with cedarwood) to help with sleepy vibes at bedtime. My kids have some crazy opposite reaction to it, but we still use this oil a ton! I put it on booboos as they heal to help soothe the pain. I also was able to rub a couple of drops between my hands and apply it to my in-laws dog’s head to keep her calm during a thunderstorm. I ABSOLUTELY did not believe it would work, but was desperate to help her stay calm. She was still nervous, but not trying to dig a hole in our wood floors anymore!

Frankincense: This oil is great for your skin! You can add a drop to jojoba oil and apply after washing to help fight aging. It’s also super grounding! You can diffuse this during yoga or prayer to help you stay focused.

*R.C.: I love this oil! It’s so great for respiratory support! You can make a chest rub out of it with some coconut oil. I actually apply this to my husband’s chest and it makes his snoring much more bearable (I love you, Scott!). Last month, I came down with some respiratory illness that my parents had been passing back and forth. Cough medicine wasn’t helping. I finally remembered RC! I diffused some in our bedroom at night and FINALLY was able to sleep without coughing miserably.

*Purification: This oil is AMAZING!! You can diffuse this oil to remove stinky smells. I’m looking at you stinky diapers and dog. I like to use it on my wool dryer balls in the laundry to make everything smell good.

Panaway: this oil is super minty! You can apply this oil to your skin where you have achy or sore muscles. Be sure to test it first, because this is a hot oil and can feel like it’s burning. If it’s too hot, be sure to mix it with a carrier oil (coconut, almond) and apply where it’s needed. I use this on my hurt knee all the time.

*Stress Away: Oh, glorious stress away!! I attached a roller fitment to this bottle and rolled it on my skin daily. Moving and no income is STRESSFUL y’all. This oil smells like paradise!

These oils all come with the premium starter kit, along with a diffuser and lots of great resources to help you learn how to use your oils for your family!

Glass spray bottle // thieves label

Some of my other favorites are:

Thieves household cleaner: you add one capful to your spray bottle and fill the rest with water. It smells so good, cleans really well, and you can know that your kids can help you clean without fear!

Progessence Plus: This oil is why I really wanted to join YL! This is great for hormone support. I actually need hormone replacement therapy, already at 29. I refuse to put my body through all of those risks associated with it. So, I’ve continued to feel grumpy, exhausted from insomnia,ย  and a whole other list of issues. Enter this magnificent oil. I put 4 drops to my forearms and rub them together. My mood has improved, and I can tell when I have forgotten to use it. I can fall asleep at night without taking ambien! No more random etsy purchases showing up at my door.

Valor: This oil is called our “brave oil”. I used this on the girls during our move. It helps keep emotions in check. One of my daughters has really high highs and really low lows. Sometimes her emotions overwhelm me. With this oil, she was able to stay calm when she otherwise would have had a meltdown.

Christmas Spirit: This smells like Christmas. Need I say more?



If you have any questions or would like to know more, I would love to answer them for you! They have truly been a blessing in our family! As a wholesale member, I get a discount on products and sign up for Essential Rewards, which I will do another post about! You can also go here if you want to check it out for yourself.


Happy Fri-YAY!

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2 thoughts on “How We Use Essential Oils”

  1. I always use lavender on my wool dryer balls when I’m washing the kids clothes and sheets! Melaleuca oil (tea tree) I use a lot for cuts, bites, stings as well as when we’ve got a virus going around. I also put it in my shampoo because I’m paranoid about lice.


    1. Tea Tree is another that I really want to get! There are so many on my wishlist right now. Lavender on wool dryer balls is great. My kids don’t respond to it in a relaxing way, so I sometimes use cedarwood.


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