Okaw Valley Orchard

After having the worst garage sale failure ever this weekend, we packed it in and invited my parents to go to Okaw Valley Orchard with us. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day.

We went into the store first- obviously in search of apple cider and donuts. They had so many yummy sounding syrups, jams, and salsas. They also had one last pack of cider donuts and CIDER SLUSHES!!

We purchased our bag to get a peck of apples, and the sweetest lady took us out to the orchard. She showed us what apples were ready to be picked, and gave us some history of the farm. They do not use any pesticides on their plants. When the trees are first growing, they put some kind of oil on them to keep the deer from eating them. Definitely my kind of orchard.

I was holding our bag, so I did not get any pictures, but thankfully my mom did. I’m sharing hers. Thanks mom!

The orchard also had a pretty good sized playground, hay bale maze, and tree house for the kids to play in. The adults sat at a picnic table chatting and drinking cider while the kids played. Scott ended up going around the big playground with Harper because that girl is fearless.



If you live anywhere near Central Illinois, I highly recommend this orchard. It is smaller, so the crowd isn’t out of control. It is family owned and operated. They were all so sweet to us, even with our crazy bunch of wild children. The price per apple is also a really great deal- especially when you think about how expensive pesticide free apples typically are. I cannot wait to go back again! Honestly, I’d go back just to get more cider… and probably some of that delicious looking maple syrup.

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