A New Normal

How do you return to “normal” after something so heavy? I wanted to sit down and write yesterday, but was feeling in a funk. I supposed that there will be many days like that for a while.

We have been getting back into our normal routine. We took last week off of homeschooling. I was feeling guilty, when a post from a facebook group popped up. Someone asked the question about homeschooling in crisis and what that looked like for other families. The overwhelming response was that it was ok to take a pause.

Part of educating our kids is teaching them empathy and compassion. This IS real life- more than math problems and matching games. I am really glad that we took a short break to grieve our loss and deal with those emotions and questions. It also freed Scott and I up to be with family and help out where we could.

I still feel like I have writers block. Perhaps it is the sinus junk that I seem to have woke up with. You know when you breathe and your nose whistles? Yep. I know, I know. Scott is a lucky man to have this glamorous woman for a wife. HA! Don’t be jealous. Harper sounds yucky also. I’m praying it’s just the sudden shift from 90 degrees to 70. Thieves will be my best friend either way!


We have less than a month until Addi turns SIX! What?! I am trying to figure out her birthday party plans. She wants a unicorn party, of course. She decided she wants her cake to be purple for her Papa. We are going to look for ways to incorporate his memory into her birthday. I know he would be thrilled to be remembered in a unicorn. HAHA!

I promise I’ll quit rambling on here soon!! Ugh.


I want to give a quick shoutout to my college bestie. She is ridiculously talented and has opened up an etsy shop. You should go check it out and support her! I can’t wait to wear my necklace. She’s a rockstar.

We have almost made it through the week!! Come on, Fri-yay!


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