October Eves


Happy October!!!

This is my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfect. The holiday season starts (in my mind). Halloween has been every one of my daughters’ first holiday, so it’s super fun to me!

Here is our bucket list for October:

-decorate for fall
-pumpkin patch
-carve pumpkins
-jump in leaf piles
-bake pumpkin cupcakes
-Boo at the Zoo
-celebrate Addison’s 6th Birthday
-Light in the Night
-Trick or Treat

Do you see that first one? I still haven’t decorated for fall!! I usually have had my decorations out for at least aย  month by now. I have a couple of pumpkins out that were bought at a craft fair. I just haven’t had a chance to get the boxes out, put everything up, and clean up the mess. I’m so ashamed. haha!

I hope you have a great Monday.

Let us continue praying for all of those affected by this tragedy in Las Vegas. My heart is so heavy for our world.

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