Friday Favorites


1- My tribe. I don’t know what I would have done without family and friends over the last month. My parents took the girls each time Jim was admitted into the ICU. The second time, he was 45 minutes away from us. My mom said they could spend the night so that we didn’t have to worry about rushing home. Once things got really bad, my sister (who has three kids of her own and babysits up to 4 kids each day) kept taking the girls for us. The night that Jim was taking off of life support, she had all three of them. I had been texting her worried about leaving, etc. She said that she would watch them overnight and as long as we needed. My parents went to our house to gather supplies for them. My sister was sending me pictures of these smiling faces the whole time. Friends took over the class at church that I was supposed to be teaching. The prayers and love.. Y’all. I can’t even put words to it. I’m grateful.

Lighter favorites now..

2- This diaper bag. So cute and practical.. and comes with a free bonus item (a skirt?) right now!

3-ย  Hiking. We love taking the girls out for hour long hikes. That’s about all they can handle right now. This would be a cool project to do together.. even though it’s hard to get lost and need these supplies where we hike at.

4- FALL!! I have loved fall ever since we moved to Michigan and got to experience the beautiful fall. The colors. The crunchy leaves. The crisp air. It doesn’t get better!! I am pretty annoyed with Illinois for still being so stinking hot and humid! Get it together!

5- Moms Meetย  I am so obsessed with this program. I have received so many awesome products to try, and love being a part of a community like this.

6- This post that Jessica did is perfect!


7. My gathre mat is one of my favorite items!! It’s bonded leather and is completely waterproof. I left this one out in the RAIN in Oklahoma, and it’s still perfect. I have the Maxi and it’s perfect for our family!

I hope you have a happy weekend! We are fighting off the nasty sick bugs over here. Harper is being treated for strep throat and I am praying that I can keep everyone else from getting it!

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