On Being Worn


Our homeschooling year started off in utter chaos. We moved during the week that I had originally planned to start, so our start date obviously had to be pushed back a little. When we got started, my father-in-law was ill. The week that he passed away, we took off to help with the arrangements. We went right back to schooling and then the girls got sick. They didn’t get some little illness that passed quickly. They got hand, foot, and mouth.. which lasts for all of eternity. At least it felt that way.

We are still not completely settled in this house. I am still trying to figure out the organization and where things need to go to best work for our family. Plus, the usual cleaning, cooking, and usual mom/wife duties.

I am overwhelmed. I’ve been completely worn out. My body and mind are completely tired. I’ve had the worst allergies and even lost my voice for over a week.

I reached out to a homeschool group that I am a part of. I asked them what they do to keep going during difficult times and explained how our year has gone. Do you want to know what the resounding answer was?


Every single mom told me to put the books away and catch my breath. I am not bound to follow the public school schedule. I can school year round and take breaks at different times. Can I tell you what a freeing feeling it is to give yourself permission to breath? We have had to take days off due to sickness and death in the family, but those are certainly not BREAKS for mama. They are more exhausting than lesson planning and doing school work every day.

My kids deserve a mom who loves homeschooling them again. And I do love homeschooling. I love seeing their eyes light up when they learn something new. I love seeing them grow. I love not missing a moment. I love the freedom that homeschooling offers to be sick and not go back to school drowning in missed work.


If you are tired and worn, your kids see that. They know that you are unhappy and struggling. IT IS OK TO TAKE A BREAK. Breathe, mama. There is no shame in admitting you are worn and need a moment to catch your breath.  You CANNOT pour from an empty vessel.

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